Happy Long Weekend

Well hello there 3 day weekend! Two of my favorite things together... the summertime and a long weekend. 

My weekend will consist of:

and getting my Betty Crocker on.. I love these festive cake mixes that come out for the summer holidays. We'll also be getting together with our wonderful neighbors so I'll probably also be making my famous buffalo dip as well.

Have a safe fun-filled weekend and don't forget to practice safe sun if you're going to be spending it at the beach or poolside :)


  1. Ah festive funfetti is THE BEST! Enjoy your weekend :)

  2. Have an excellent weekend. I intend on doing the same, beach, drinks, and the last bit of summertime fun!

  3. So excited about a long weekend! Hope you guys have so much fun! It's supposed to be rainy here. Boo! :-)

    Jayme @ HLNC

  4. Yay for the long weekend!!! Can't wait... Have a good one :)

    <3 Melissa