Smelling Pretty

I have recently found myself in a predicament... it seems that every...single.. one of my perfume bottles is near empty. How did this happen?! 

They're all pretty low :(

My current faves are:

~ Viva La Juicy

~ Lola by Marc Jacobs

~ Daisy by Marc Jacobs

~ Jessica Simpson Fancy

~ Jessica Simpson Fancy Love

~ Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue

~ Britney Spears Hidden Fantasy

~ Victorias Secret Heavenly

Now my question is.. should I stick to my oldies but goodies are should I try out something new? Any suggestions?


  1. I see a couple in there that I used to have! Dolce and Gabbana and Viva la Juicy. You have good taste! ;)

  2. I have favorites that I'd probably re-stock, but I'd give something new a try! I got a sample of Salvatore Ferragamo that I LOVE so I'm putting that one on my Christmas/Bday list.

    I got a bottle of Marc Jacobs Daisy this past Christmas, and Miss Dior Cherie before that and I try and use them sparingly so they'll last longer. Plus since they're so strong, I only use a couple sprays anyway. I do have a couple old ones I'm trying to use up though like Clinique.

  3. Mm, I love Lola. You need to try Paris Amour from Bath & Body Works... you will absolutely adore it.

  4. I LOVE Daisy and Light favorite thing is this:

    It's $50-75 depending on which set you go with. You get samples of like 10 fragrances and a voucher for a full size bottle of any of those samples.

    I have it and I love it :) I'm not HUGE on wearing perfume so I still have some samples and I haven't picked out my full size bottle yet.