Weekend Whirlwind

Man alive I've been on the go since Thursday and it feels so nice to finally be relaxing on my couch watching the Olympics Closing Ceremonies *tear*. I'm soooo upset it's over, but let's not forget that Shark Week starts tonight to nurse all our wounds of the end of the Olympics. 

Thursday night I went to my first Scentsy (did I spell that right?!) party here in the neighborhood. It was nice to spend the evening with some of the neighborhood ladies and smell until I couldn't smell anymore! 

Friday night, I went to a wine tasting party downtown. I raced home after work, whipped up some cheesecake fruit dip cut up some fruit, showered, and raced to get to the party. We got to taste 8 different wines, and even kicked everything off with a popped bottle of champagne. YUM!

Saturday, friends of ours rented a room at one of the beautiful resorts around here and invited us to come join them for the day at the resort and utilize their amazing lazy river. 

Beautiful view from the room

Of course we partook in some 3 Olives Cake *yummmmy*

This was the boys doing..

SO much fun!

Blowing up our tubes for the lazy river

Afterwards, we left to come back home and go to a housewarming party for one of our new neighbors. So, we hurried home, got changed, and headed on over. 

Today was a nice chill day here at home. I was able to tackle 3 loads of laundry, cook my weekly pot of sauce, work out, and H and I went for a dip in our neighbor's pool.

Have a great week everyone! :)

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  1. Looks like a fantastic weekend! LOVING that Florida views (and a little jealous!);) Glad you had a great one!