Happy Birthday Month to Me

I've always loved that my birthday falls in August. Growing up that meant my birthday was always during summer vacation so I never had to go to school on my b-day (but I was one of "those kids" who's mom would bring in cupcakes on a random day to celebrate my summertime birthday.. I find that so weird now!) and now that I'm older I love that my birthday is during the summer because quite frankly I love summer with a passion! How can you not? Outdoor happy hours, sundresses, sandals, going to the beach, pool parties, margaritas on the patio, bbq's.... ahhh bliss. 

Last year, I didn't really ask for much for my birthday since we were leaving for our cruise only a few days later. I ended up treating myself at Sephora though of course 0:-)

This year I would like to go to Miami for the weekend, but I've also been eyeing that gorgeous Michael Kors Parker watch in Rose Gold.

As I mentioned yesterday, H told me we can either go to Miami or I can get my watch. Ooooh decisions! 

I'm also asking for some goodies from Sephora *surprise surprise*

Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream it even has SPF 35 in it :)

I've been wanting to try Benefit's They're Real mascara

Finally coming out on DVD!!

A makeup organizer

This bracelet organizer 

Mango Leather Effect Leggings  Let's face it.. I'm not dropping hundreds of dollars on real leather leggings or asking anyone else to for that matter. 

Let's see what I decide... MK watch or a mini-getaway to Miami. Hmmm.. it's a toughy! 


  1. I need a make-up organizer too..like, BAD!!!
    Speaking of makeup, I think I'm finally going to go to ULTA in Port Orange! You're so lucky you live so close to a Sephora :P
    Happy birthday month <3

  2. that "they're real" mascara is my new go to!! its amazing!! you have to get it!!

  3. Happy Birthday Month :) {I'm jealous that your bday was always on summer break!}

    & that is a tough decision... that watch is pretty tempting lol

    <3 Melissa

  4. Happy birthday month!!

    I tried They're Real and was so disappointed I returned it, which is a bummer because so many people like it!

    MIA vs MK is a tough choice!

  5. girlll go for the vacation!! You can always get the watch at another time :) I really need a makeup organizer like that too!!! have a great weekend!