What I'm Loving Wednesday

So glad it's already time for my hump-day link up with Jamie at This Kind of Love for What I'm Loving Wednesday. 

Also, don't forget my giveaway ends tomorrow night, check it out here.

I'm loving that my bf from high school and her family are leaving tomorrow to make the trek down and visit us.

I'm loving that my H's parents who haven't flown in over 30 years booked their plane tickets to come visit in April. They're getting back on the horse! :0)

I'm loving that we got our kitchen repainted over the weekend and it's so purrty! Just in time for our guests this weekend and our upcoming housewarming party! You can read about our painting disaster here.

Kinda blurry :-P

I'm loving that even though I'm sad that football season is over that baseball season is right around the corner!

I'm loving my recent finds on Pinterest

Kate Spade Statement Necklace

Hotel Citta Del Mare in Sicily, Italy

Mimosa Punch

Beautiful tea party cake

I'm always loving my amazing husband

What are you loving today?


  1. That is the craziest looking hotel EVER. Gosh. What is that - a slide??
    Cute idea with the peppers for the "dressing container"!
    How long will his parents be staying?
    Yay for HS friend!

  2. So glad you finally got your kitchen fixed - looks great!

  3. Cami -- I fell in love with that hotel because how fun would it be to go down all those slides and then end up in the Mediterranean!? His parents will be here for 9 days since his mom works at a school and that's their spring break week.

    I love Pinterest, it's so addicting!

    We are so relieved the kitchen is finally taken care of, it was much more expensive than we anticipated since we needed a second can of paint and had to pay someone to fix it, but definitely worth it! :0)

  4. I am just loving all or your loves!

  5. Your kitchen looks great! & I love all your pinterest finds!

  6. Love all of your photos from Pinterest! The outfit pic is awesome. I want everything in it! :-)
    Thank you so much for answering the TAG questions on our blog. We just love reading what everyone is saying.

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings