Get Fancy Girl ~ Giveaway

I'm finally back from our whirlwind European trip, but have hundreds of pictures to go through before I can start posting some recaps.

Instead, today I'd like to introduce you to Jessica Simpson's new limited edition fragrance "Fancy Girl". It's a fun flirty scent that also comes with 3 fabulous nail polishes which are perfect for spring and summer.

I love the new scent and the nail polishes are fun and can be worn by themselves or combined with each other.

I'm giving away one of these fabulous gift sets which includes a bottle of the perfume and all 3 nail polishes. Just enter the giveaway below, good luck!

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  1. Such a fun giveaway!! I've actually never had any of JS scents so crossing my fingers for this one! :)

  2. What an awesome giveaway, thanks!! =D I love JS's perfume!!! I was so close to buying it over the weekend, so I'm kinda hoping to win this won!! =D

  3. I can't wear perfume due to allergies so I'll sit this one out and hope someone else wins! :) I do love those nail polish colors though! Does she sell them separately or can you only get them in the perfume package?

  4. Welcome back!!! What a fun giveaway! First time hearing about Fancy Girl but looks pretty fabulous!

  5. Cute giveaway!!

    And I can't wait to read all about your trip!

  6. JS is in on EVERYTHING now!

    ...and I hope your trip was AMAZING. Can't wait to hear about it!