Europe Day 3: Marseille, France

Finally getting back to re-capping our amazing trip across the pond! After landing in Barcelona and touring the city, we boarded the Norwegian Epic for a 3 night Mediterranean cruise. Our first stop on the cruise was in Marseille, France.

*View from our balcony when we woke up*

I had to keep pinching myself that I was about to walk around in France! Absolutely surreal! Je t'aime France, oui oui! 

*Beautiful marina in the old port*

*Picking up some french soap*

*Lovebirds in France*

*Double Decker Carousel*

*They even "eat fresh" in France*

*Yummy crepe*

Such a beautiful day in a gorgeous port, and I was surprised at how far my little bit of French went. I didn't even need to use my pocket translator. Next up is our cruise stop in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.


  1. Ahhh... love your pictures, looks like such a great time :)

  2. Beautiful! Looks you also got some great weather across there! I'm confused by that picture with the 3 people on top of each other?

  3. Ugh this looks awesome! I went to Paris, but have been dying to go to different parts of France!

  4. Oh my gosh, I want to wake up to that. That crepe looks so good!

  5. The water looks so blue and pretty! I love all the architecture over there. That crepe is huge! Looks like such a great place to go!

  6. looks beautiful! what an amazing trip!

  7. That crepe looks amazing! Beautiful pictures - what a view to wake up to!

  8. I've been to a number of places in the South of France but am keeping Marseille for Euro 2016 (my bf is the football buff not me). Your pictures are really making me look forward to the trip!