I Love Long Weekends

I'm always so much more refreshed after a 3 day weekend, and nothing is better than spending the majority of it in a bathing suit with a tasty beverage in hand.

Festive cupcakes, buffalo dip, strawberry shortcake, and my favorite blue drinks were on the menu for Saturday's BBQ/pool party. 

Sunday was H's birthday so we celebrated with cinnamon rolls and mimosas for breakfast with our friends from Sarasota who spent the night after the BBQ and some more pool time before heading downtown with friends. Sunday Fundays are so much better when there's no work on Monday!

Today was spent by the pool listening to our favorite Pandora stations, finishing off the almond champs, and playing pool basketball and some ladderball.

We capped off the long weekend with a little shopping and some ice cream *perfect*.

How was your holiday weekend?


I'd also like to say a huge CONGRATS to Katelyn who won my Get Fancy Girl giveaway!


  1. That looks like the perfect weekend girl! It's amazing how much of a difference the 1 extra day makes, it makes it feel like an actual break. Love it!

  2. The cupcakes look so cute! Glad your hubby had a nice birthday! Mmmmm cold stone sounds like the perfect way to end a long weekend! =)

  3. I am in a food coma just from looking at all this yummy food! Looks like a blast!

  4. Cold Stone is the perfect way to end the weekend.