Preserving my bouquet

My wedding was 3 years and 3 months ago and I had yet to do anything with my dried out wedding bouquet. Slacking at it's finest... and let's not talk about how I still haven't gotten my wedding gown cleaned... yipes!

But I'm super proud of myself for preserving it since the wedding admist a huge move from Connecticut to Florida and then another move into our house a year later. I always envisioned displaying my bouquet in a shadow box, but I just never took the initiative to go out and purchase one. Like I said... slackin'...

I lived in Michaels when we were planning our wedding since I was up to my ears in DIY projects, but I honestly don't think I've  been back since. And I'm so sad because I'm missing out on so many great decorations and project ideas. Definitely will be frequenting there more often ;-)

Picked up this shadow box for my bouquet (unfortunately can't find a link to it online) which is usually $29.99 but it was 40% off whoo hoo!

My beautiful bouquet now looks like this:

So glad I finally finished this mini-project


  1. Omg! You still have it?! That's incredible! It's gorgeous!

  2. oh wow! The bouquet looks great still and I love the case idea!

  3. I love this! And don't worry, we're approaching our 3yr anni and my dress hasn't been cleaning and is still in my closet at my parents. Whoops!

  4. What a gorgeous bride you made!!
    Great idea. I haven't preserved mine yet either :-X I might snag your idea :)

    OH and I haven't had my dress cleaning either...can we say SLACKER?

  5. That is awesome that it has stayed so well!

  6. Yeah, I thought about doing this, but considering my bouquet is half what it used to be (thanks to falling off the shelf one too many times while cleaning), I don't think it's worth it. :P Yours looks amazing though!

    And I still haven't cleaned my dress either. It's actually at my Dad's. lol