Crossing Over...

I'm not gonna lie.... I've never really been a fan of country music. I actually remember making fun of some of the girls I went to high school with who LOVED country music and thought they were oh so cool in their cowboy hats. Ughhh so ashamed of being that girl and would now join in with them :)

But I've been bitten by the bug that is named Luke Bryan.... bit hard! It all started with my love of Carrie Underwood so I made a Carrie pandora station.. that's where I was introduced to Mr. Shake it for Me.

Are there any genres of music you were 100% against and couldn't stand and now find yourself loving?

Backin' that azz up with Whitney on this happy Friday :)


  1. I was the same way toward country but living in Florida has opened me up to a lot of songs that I have to admit are pretty damn good! haha

  2. I was the exact same about country up until I went to college. Now sometimes it's all I'm in the mood to listen to... like today, for instance.
    Love me some sexy Lukey!

  3. Oh my gosh I loooove country music! Especially Carrie and Luke! I want to name my future daughter Carrie after her! The bf doesn't say anything when I say that though lol.

  4. I love Luke Bryan! How can one man be so good looking?! Did you see him on the Today show last week, he was great!