Happy 3rd Day of Fall

It's no secret that I refuse to embrace all things fall until it's officially fall. Maybe it's because I love summer so much, but I think it's more that I grew up in CT and to me fall meant winter was coming *shudder*.

Buuuuuut that doesn't mean I don't love fall and all the amazingness that comes with it. Plus, a lot of people are under the impression that we don't get "seasons" in Florida, but now that I've lived here for a few years I definitely see the difference in the seasons here as well, they're just not as drastic as the northern states. It's starting to get chillier here at night and some of the trees will start to lose their leaves.

So, I have finally gotten bitten by the decorating for fall bug. I tend to buy more "fall" decorations and not too much Halloween decor so that it'll carry me into Thanksgiving which I plan on hosting this year :)

Target's $1 bins are on point this season! And those Candy Corn M&M's are seriously the best thing to ever happen to fall! How adorable is that acorn shaped pot holder?!

Picked up this cute pumpkin sign at Michaels

Table runner ~ Christmas Tree Shops
Faux pumpkins ~ Target $1 bins
3 wick Autumn candle ~ Bath & Body Works

Little turkey and pumpkin tea-light holders ~ Target $1 bin
Halloween sign and purple sparkly pumpkin... yep you guessed it ~Target $1 bin

My favorite find so far this season
Pumpkin Candle Holder ~ Michaels
Pumpkin Candle ~ Christmas Tree Shops

Found this adorable scarecrow in the Target $1 bins

Pumpkin Candy Dishes $3 at Target
Yankee Candle Spiced Pumpkin... one of the best smelling candles EVER!

My Spiced Pumpkin candle is only 2nd to Yankee Candle's Autumn Wreath

Where have you found some of your fall decor?


  1. I love all the decor! And I'm so with you about only celebrating fall when it actually is!

  2. Um hello, your decorations are adorable!! I LOVE IT :D
    I want to make myself a nice fall wreath. Even though I'm scared I'll butcher it. Ha!

  3. I love the pumpkin candle holder. I got my Yankees yesterday - Harvest and Autumn Leaves.

  4. Ahhh candy corn M&Ms are my weakness...I could eat the entire bag! And I see those candles you told me about! I'm definitely going to have to stop by Bath and Body and Yankee to smell both!

  5. I feel the same dread winter--even though I live in California haha. Love all your home decor!

    Colour Me Classic

  6. I have the same pumpkin candle holder! ;)

    I'm like you where I'd rather my Fall decor be from here to Thanksgiving. I think I only have like two Halloween decor items. lol

  7. Apple pumpkin is my absolute favorite candle sent for fall :)