What I'm Loving Wednesday

We're 1/2 way there! Linkin' up with Jamie at This Kind of Love for What I'm Loving Wednesday.

I'm loving that this week is going by quicker than usual. Come ooooon Friday!

I'm loving that Carrie Underwood's new album is finally out

Check out those gams! I don't think I could ever do enough squats/lunges to obtain those *sigh*

I'm loving that I finished The Fame Game

So, as always, I'm loving Lauren Conrad

I'm loving my latest finds on Pinterest:

I'm always loving my wonderful H:


  1. I always love those outfits!! That ruffly dress is so cute.
    I had a dream that I had like no clothes in my closet...which means - shopping time! ;)
    Carrie Underwood! I didn't know she had a new album coming out!

  2. That 2nd dress is my fave! I love it!

  3. New follower!! :)) I love that watch!


  4. love at first sight with that watch!! can't wait for carrie's new album. also, i love lauren conrad! <3