It's Ok Thursday

We're sooooo close I can feel it! One more day til the long weekend! Linkin' up with Miss Neely at A Complete Waste of Makeup for It's Ok Thursday.

It's Ok That....

~ I thought yesterday was Thursday and yeah.. that messed me up. Come on Friday don't play games with me!

~ I got on my brother's case today. Sometimes I need to play the big sister card!

~ I'm more excited for H's birthday weekend than he is :-P

~ This year is our last birthday in our 20's... yep we both turn 29 this year but he's 3 months before me.. HA!

~ I've been listening to Harry Potter music on Pandora

~ I have both episodes from the new season of the Bachelorette sitting on the DVR and haven't been able to watch them yet. 

~ I still don't know what all the fuss is about for 50 Shades of Grey. I guess I know what my next purchase for my Kindle is going to be.

~ I still haven't ordered my bridesmaid dress for SIL's wedding in October. Yeah.. I need to get on that! I went to try it on and it's fabulous, but I need to go back and order it. 

~ I paint my own fingernails, but not my own toes because I love the whole experience of a pedicure. 

~ I'm still distraught that "Awake" was cancelled. Finale tonight on NBC! Supposedly, all our questions will be answered. Gosh I hope so!

What's ok in your life today?


  1. I am really disappointed about Awake. I DVR'd the entire season thinking I would watch it all over a long weekend or to fill the summer TV void...and now it's cancelled. I'm also still upset about the Alcatraz and Ringer cancellations. ALL the TV shows I decided to watch this season got cancelled. I am TV poison apparently.

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  2. "I paint my own fingernails, but not my own toes because I love the whole experience of a pedicure"

    yes! the foot soak, the attention to detail, the fact that when they rub the bottom of my foot I freak out and laugh and almost kick the woman in the face (haha) are all SO WORTH IT. And pedicures last forever!

  3. i NEED to get a pedicure... im debating if i want to do it myself or go pay someone.

    and i downloaded 50 shades of grey on my nook... i'll probably start it this weekend... had to see what all the hype was about!

  4. @Lori definitely go get one! It's worth every penny!

    @Lauren everything about the experience is heavenly and I so look forward to them :)

  5. I haven't gotten 50 shades of grey yet either, I cant decide. I do my own fingers, and honestly don't think i've EVER gotten a pedicure, although I want one eventually