A Doggy Filled Weekend

This weekend was the perfect mix of fun and relaxation :)

We are doggy sitting for our neighbor's adorable Boston Terriers while they're away, and bonus points that their pool has already been installed and they said we could swim as much as we'd like. 

We kicked off the weekend with friends coming over to BBQ. We had buffalo chicken dip, spinach dip, salad, burgers, and some beers. 

We introduced them to a card game called Dutch Blitz and as this game always does it got out of hand pretty quick :-P

Saturday, we got up and went to take care of the boys and spent a few hours lounging by the pool. 

I got my chair all set up, and look who hopped up and ganked my spot?

Testing out the water

Perfect Saturday

Later on, H and I went out for drinks since we had an unused gift card

I wore my super comfy black dress from Body Central with some Kate Spade bangles.

Strawberry Coconut Skinny Martini

Perfect Date Night

Today was more relaxing, we spent some time at the pool again even though it was mostly cloudy. But, we had a little surprise when we got to the house.

Exhibit A:

They must have been playing/scuffling and knocked into the table and knocked over the hurricane and it shattered.

Imagine Steve Urkel's voice "Did I do thaaat?" 

After we cleaned up all the glass, it was time for some more pool time.

I'm a little upset that I got a tad pink from yesterday's day in the sun so I'm glad it was overcast today and not as sunny. I used sunscreen, but with the new acne meds/creams I've been on my skin is ultra sensitive. Speaking of which, my skin is looking sooooo much better! I'm so relieved since I was so scared nothing would help. 

Tonight, I painted my nails with Essie's Fair Game. It's a pretty periwinkle color. 

Hope everyone had a great weekend and Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful moms and moms to be :)

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  1. What acne stuff are you using? I just got started on a new birth control, and my doctor also gave me several samples of Differin to tame the breakouts I've been having since I went off mine when I was having those GI issues.