Tis the Season

Yes.. it's that time of year.. time for endless engagement parties, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and weddings. 

It's time to get my dancing shoes ready because it's wedding season baby!

Sorry for the crappy quality, but this was the only you tube version of this scene that was connecting with blogger.

Our fridge currently looks like this:

This time of year always brings me back to our own wedding and I'm in shock that we're nearing our 2nd anniversary. We had 4 weddings 2 years ago including our own, and none in 2011, but have 5 coming up in the next year.

I love reflecting back to the weddings of 2010:

Our first dance as husband and wife

Looks like H already found his dancing shoes!

Wedding #2 from 2010 Heather and Craig:

Looks like someone not only found their dancing shoes but also an air guitar.. yeah he's mine :-P

Wedding #3 of 2010: Billie Jean and Josh:

My high school gurlies.. H and I moved to FL 3 days after this wedding.

Wedding #4 of 2010: Ashley and Rob

Yes, we flew back to CT after only living in FL for 6 weeks! :)

Totally worth it!

And yes.. this happened:

and this:

Definitely looking forward to the upcoming weddings and their festivities. 

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