Memorial Birthday Palooza Weekend

Oh how I love long weekends, summertime, and my H! Combine all 3 and I'm one very happy girl :)

We kicked off the long weekend on Friday with H's b-day and I wore this little number from VS that fits so much better than it did last year:

Whoo hoo!

Birthday shots

My Yankees on the left, H's Rockies on the right :)

Saturday, we headed to the beach to celebrate with everyone. 

They must have had a plaid shorts convention :-P

Rowdy boys

Enjoying our free shots from some random guy at the beach bar... that's how we roll lol

Group shot

I'm not quite sure how this happened.. but that's my H on the bottom

Poor H! He had sand in his hair the rest of the day... oy..

We then went to a great BBQ place for dinner where we all caused a lot of shall I say disruptions? lol

After that, we went to a dive bar for karaoke. 

We had a fabulous day and are continually thankful for the awesome group of people we've met down here. 

Today, my brother marched in a parade and took part of a ceremony. I'm still so proud of him. This time last year he was almost done with boot camp. 

All spiffy in his dress blues

Happy  Memorial Day!


  1. So fun! And hooray for stuff fitting better! :)

  2. Sounds and looks like such a fun weekend...yay! :)
    What a great looking group of friends!
    Great job with having an outfit that fits better than last year <3