What I'm Loving Wednesday

Halfway through the week! Linkin' up with mommy-to-be Jamie at This Kind of Love 

I'm loving that Hart of Dixie and Smash were picked up for a 2nd season. However, upset doesn't even begin to describe how I feel about Awake, Alcatraz, GCB, and Pan Am being cancelled *sad panda*

I'm loving these bright colored skinnies

I'm loving that we're getting some much needed rain. No sprinklers! 

I'm loving my recent finds on Pinterest

I'm always loving my amazing H


  1. It poured here again last night, too!!
    I agree...yay for rain!!

    I think I want a pair of those colored skinnies...hopefully I can pull it off :D

  2. OH MAN!!! I hadn't seen that GCB got canceled and I have to say that I'm SO UPSET!! I just adored that show. I feel like when they cancel a show that they at least need to let them film a couple more episodes just to finish it out. That way we know how things "end". Bummer!!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  3. I'm sad about GCB too. :( I'm mostly upset with The Secret Circle being cancelled - I especially since it had great ratings. I don't understand TV at all.