Halloween Pumpkins and Costumes

Happy Halloween! I can't wait to pass out candy tonight to the neighborhood kiddos and watch It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown which airs tonight at 8:00 on ABC ;-)

Halloween always brings out the nostalgia in me.... growing up my brother and I always went trick or treating with my cousins and then went back to my grandparents afterwards for them to give us some Halloween goodies. This year just hurts because I lost not one not two but three of my loved ones that I have such great holiday memories with in less than a year. Ugh.... I'm weepy just typing this but a good weepy. So many great memories.

This was the 1st year in a while we didn't dress up for Halloween, as our friends who usually host a party were out of town. So, we went to a haunted house with friends and carved our pumpkin a few days ago.

Some of my favorites from years past....

Cave People 2012... loved that H was wearing a dress!

Halloween 2009

Dog backin' it up on a Pirate


2008 ~ Mobsters

My only Halloween pic from college on my Nextel.. yes Nextel camera phone. We were hula girls wearing coconuts and grass skirts in Connecticut in late October.... no wonder we both live in Florida now! 
*Circa 2004*

Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween and makes lots of happy memories!


  1. Love the cave people outfit!! =) We aren't dressing up either since Scott will be at school. I miss it!

  2. Cute costumes over the years...The pumpkin came out really good! He looks scared...Happy Halloween!

  3. Happy Halloween! I think this is the first year in awhile that I haven't dressed up and went to a party. Oh well!

  4. I am having so much fun seeing everyone's old Halloween costumes!! have fun passing out candy!! Happy Halloween!

  5. So cute. Love your pumpkin!!! Happy Halloween

    xo Mel
    turquoise blonde