Current Loves

I love this time of year, it's beautiful outside (not too hot, not too cold) and the holidays are right around the corner. So much to love love love!

~ I'm loving The Voice... I never watched until this season and am hooked! Such a breath of fresh air from all the other played out singing competition shows. My fav is when Blake gets all fired up and starts yelling "NOOOOO!"

Chair sabotage!

~ I'm loving Essie's 2013 fall collection

~ I'm loving part 2 of JT's 20/20 Experience.... True Blood is my new jam!

~ I'm loving this fall decor idea, may have to incorporate this into my Thanksgiving spread:

Bobbing apples and floating candles... LOVE

~ I'm loving Starburst Candy Corn... can'!

~ I'm loving my fall candles, the whole house smells amazing!

~ I'm loving Juicy Joe and Rosie... they totally steal the show on RHONJ. I'm sure everyone is beyond over the spliced and diced made up drama on that show, so the hilariousness that is Juicy and Rosie is hands down the best part and they always have me laughing.

Great comic relief!

~ I'm loving that my girl Lauren Conrad is ENGAGED! I usually could give two flying craps about celebrities day-to-day but I have loved Lauren since her Laguna Beach/The Hills days and am so happy for her. She's done an amazing job of creating a successful brand for herself while keeping her personal life private (as it should be) and exuding nothing but class class class. 

~ I'm loving that Catching Fire is finally hitting theaters soon! Bring on Katniss and Peeta!

What are you loving today?


  1. So essentially we have all the same loves. I can't believe, though, that I've never watched The Voice. If you give it such a high recommendation I think I'm absolutely going to have to watch it! I'm SO SO SO happy for LC too- love her to death! ALSO, Catching Fire, fall smells and Essies 2013 collection? Yes, Yes, Yes. I have the Cashmere Sweater one and I'm loving it!

  2. I love all of your loves :) So want to try the starbursts candy corn!

  3. i loooove everything fall! and i can't believe LC is engaged! I am too excited over this!!

  4. Yes, I love, love JT! His new songs totally get my rocking out, and I sing them to my 5 month old, hehe. And I love Rosie too-she's the best!

  5. Yes to Autumn Wreath from Yankee Candle. Also LC's ring is awesome. And yay to Catching Fire. Hopefully I have friends to go with around here haha. Otherwise I will be going alone ha

  6. I have been loving The Voice, too! I have to admit, I fast forward through a lot of the coaching & go straight to the sing-offs though ;)

    I've always been obsessed with LC!! I still watch reruns of Laguna Beach if they're on MTV! Lol. Should I even confess that? Oh well, no shame!

  7. I can not believe next month is November. CRAZY! But I'm super excited for Catching Fire since it's my fave book of the trilogy.

    I'm also a big LC fan. Love her.

  8. Loving all things fall, and my girl LC, too! I miss the Laguna Beach days so much. I'm such a loser. ;)