Happy Hump Day! Can't believe tomorrow is Halloween... now if I could just stop eating the candy I got for the trick-or-treaters....

Some day....

~ I will be able to walk out of Target without spending at least $50

~ I will stop quoting Mean Girls and Forrest Gump (the most inappropriate quotes of course)

~ I will have all the witty comments/comebacks roll off my tongue at the right time instead of thinking of the perfect thing to say afterwards... yep

~ I will stock up on bottles of wine instead of drinking everything in stock at home :-P

~ I will learn how to curl my own hair

~ I will stop dropping it like it's hot

~ I will stop obsessively compulsively cleaning up after H

~ I will learn my lesson and stop overeating on pasta night oooooh the pain....

~ I will be that girl who's excited for sweaters, boots, and scarves instead of holding on desperately to my sundresses and sandals.


  1. My husband would love it if I could walk through Target with blinders on. (Never gonna happen). I too rearrange the dishwasher! I'm so glad to know I'm not the only OCD person on the planet who does that!

  2. NEVER stop dropping it like it is hot! Never. Also, I finally forced myslef to learn the hair curling last year. I watched youtube video after youtube video and practiced like crazy. it was worth it! you can do it!! Glad to find you through the link-up.
    The Baby Giraffe

  3. oh my word, I am always picking up after Chris!!

  4. Hahahaha that first one about Target...forget it! And omg I totally always rearrange the dishes in the dishwasher after Scott fills it.

  5. never ever stop quoting mean girls. it's the best thing ever in the world.

  6. What is it about Target that makes you just want to spend money? I never leave under $50 either.

  7. I am always moving things around in the dishwasher. WHYYYY

  8. When you find the trick to going to target without spending all the money, please let me know. My bank account would love you.

  9. I had to special order my favourite wine in at my liquor store so when it FINALLY came in I bought the entire case. And everyone made fun of me for it. But running out of wine is probably the worst thing EVER so I'm okay with the judging. LOL

  10. Oh my gosh! Never stop quoting Mean Girls! Seriously - as far as I'm concerned there are two types of ladies in this world, those who can't and those of us who can. :)


  11. Target....ahh I will never spend less than $50....and I agree with the curling your own hair!