Pass Me a Margarita Please

Oh sweet beautiful Friday you are finally here :)

Tonight, we're meeting some friends downtown for happy hour at a new tequila bar. I can already taste the margaritas....

Tomorrow, we're going to a pumpkin patch for a hayride and the corn maze with some of our neighbor-friends armed with "adult apple cider" (psssst it's apple cider with caramel vodka and cinnamon). We're bringing all things fall together in one fell swoop! Can't wait to cross off some items from my fall bucket list.

Sunday, I plan on making apple butter and lazing away in the pool. 

Backin' that azzzzzz up with Whitney hop on over and back that thang up with us.


  1. The hayride and corn maze look fun! I've never done anything like that. Where is it?

  2. apple cider with caramel vodka?!?!?!?! you are a smart/amazing woman

  3. That apple butter sounds fantastic! Hope you have a good weekend!


  4. Stopping by from #backthatazzup! That vodka sounds so yummy! I love flavored drinks.