Fall Bucket List

Since I never officially finished my summer bucket list, it's time to move on to my fall bucket list which will carry some things over from my summer list.

1. Pick my own pumpkin

I want to go to a pumpkin patch and actually pick my pumpkin not just pick one up at the grocery store or at a stand on the side of the road :-P

2. Decorate for fall not just Halloween

I want my fall decor to carry right through to Thanksgiving not just Halloween 

3. Lots of nights by the fire pit

4. Get lost in a corn maze

5. Carve a pumpkin

2011 Jack-o-lantern

2010 Jack-o-lantern

6. Go to a football game

Chiefs at Jets ~ 2008

Chiefs at Buccs game ~ 2012

7. Haunted Hayride

Last year during our trip to CT... they did an amazing job!

8.  Make pumpkin cheesecake and/or pumpkin spice cupcakes... pretty much getting my bake on again! Oooh and make apple butter for the first time.

9. Wine tasting

My bff and I at one of the wineries on the Connecticut Wine Trail

10. Indulge in s'mores and apple cider donuts

11. Watch It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

Couldn't keep an even number on the list when we all know my love for all the holiday Charlie Brown specials :)

What's on your fall bucket list?


  1. YES to all of these! This month is my fave and not just because of my birthday!

  2. HOW did i not know you were a chiefs fan??????

    YES I want lots of of fire pit nights, carving of pumpkins & indulge in smores!

  3. the great pumpkin and hocus pocus...two best October movies!

  4. Charlie Brown is my fav for the holidays :)
    If you do a wine tasting in St Aug - just got your email that you've been wanting to go - let me know and I will totally meet up with you there!!!

  5. Gotta love a bonfire on a cold evening!! And I'd love to do a corn maze, but unfortunately my husband hates them. Apparently, he doesn't think being lost is fun?? :P

  6. I am so jealous of your fire pit!! That would definitely be on my list, but alas, I don't have one! I do have attending a football game and fall decorating on my list though... and indulging in lots of pumpkin beer! Cheers to Fall!