My love of sequins and wine combined

I'm a total sucker for all things sparkly and my closet is full of fun sequined beautifulness... but who knew that my love for sequins would be combined with my love for wine? Not this girl!

*Grainy iPhone Pic*

I was in the wine aisle at my happy place (Target) and noticed this pretty bottle and knew I just had to have it. Plus it was on sale... win-win. And it definitely was... absolutely delish! It was sweet, but not too sweet and my favorite part was how it's delicately bubbled. It's not quite champagne but not quite regular wine. Perfect amount of bubbles :)

Have you tried this deliciousness yet?


  1. You've sold me. I want to get that!!!!!!!

  2. So... I'm pretty sure we just became best friends..seeing as though sequins and wine are my favorite things too!! LOVE this!!!

  3. This wine looks awesome for a girls night! I'd like to try the Pinot Grigio asap.