Fall Weekend Shenanigans

Thankfully it's not too chilly around here, but I am loving all the fall activities.

Friday, we went to happy hour downtown at a new tequila bar and then bar hopped a little before heading home.

Saturday, we went to a corn maze with some of our neighbors. Afterwards, we came back and grilled sausages and enjoyed the pool. Some more of our neighbors stopped by and we had a great time catching up over drinks on the patio. We also lit the fire pit for the first time this fall :)

Sunday, I worked out and lounged in the pool before spending the rest of the day watching football. My Saints are no longer undefeated but who would have thought that H's Chiefs would be 1 of 2 teams left this season with a flawless record?! Craziness!

~ Yummy 2 for 1 blood orange margaritas at happy hour

~ 2 for 1 beers were enjoyed by the rowdy boys

~ Neat bar downtown completely decked out for Halloween

~ Always a photo bomb...

~ Me and H on Friday night

~ Feeding beer to a mechanical horse is normal right?

~ Riding side-saddle... what any classy lady would do while wearing a skirt

~ Best.jersey.ever! Never thought I'd feel that way here.

~ Group shot before we headed home Friday

 ~ About to get lost in the corn maze

~ All 4 of us at the pumpkin farm/corn maze

~ Coming down the slide to enter the corn maze

~ H and I in the corn maze

~ Riding my 1st tractor

~ Boys in the pool by the fire pit

~ After effects of our impromptu neighborhood gathering... good for the soul :)

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  1. I was so super jealous of your corn maze photos on instagram, that I finally made plans to go in one this coming weekend! Can't wait! I bet it was so much fun! =) We are clearly still kids at heart!

  2. When Saturday was over, I told Ryan we should've gone to a corn maze that day. Hopefully we can go in the next couple weeks! Especially now that it's nice and crisp outside. :)

    I was shocked that the Chiefs won, but then again, I don't REALLY care. ;)

  3. Looks like such a fun weekend! That blood orange margarita looks delicious and is right up my alley! PS. feeding beer to a mechanical horse it totally normal. Don't let anyone tell you different ;)

  4. That margarita sounds so good right now. Even if it is only 11:30am

  5. sounds like you had quite the busy weekend!! sorry the saints lost :(

  6. Looks like a great weekend! How did you like the maze and pumpkin patch? Looks fun!