Disney Weekend Shenanigans

Before this weekend, I thought I already loved Disney... but I had never been to Animal Kingdom so my love for Disney now has far surpassed my previous feelings :)

We went on the Kilimanjaro Safari (my fav!), walked the trails around the base of the Tree of Life, conquered Expedition Everest *awesome coaster*, and rode Kali River Rapids and of course got soaked! Such an amazing day and I can't wait to go back!

I was armed in a comfy outfit and my sparkly mouse ears ready to see the Mickey approved animals

After our trip to Animal Kingdom, H reminded me that I still had our Dave & Busters gift card from Christmas so we decided to take advantage of it. We stopped for some food and beers and of course played some games and got super competitive.

In other news.. construction finally began on our pool! We got home from work on Friday, and saw that they had removed the grass in our backyard. This made a certain furry friend happy... Roxy went nuts and was romping around in the dirt without a care in the world. So, she went from being a happy care-free filthy doggy to an upset because I'm getting a bath doggy.

~ No more grass!

~ Doggy getting a much-needed bath after a romp in the dirt

~ Thinking she had an escape route from said bath

~ Trying to hold on against the air hockey champ

~ 2 to 7! Wow how can I put "I told ya so!"

~ Much needed refresher after a long exhausting day

~ Frame work for our pool

~ Soothing bubble bath after a long day of walking

~ Practice what you preach! I preach practicing safe sun, but I hate to admit that I did not at Animal Kingdom and ended up pretty pink that night :(

~ NOTW are Essie's Fiji

~ I got a much needed pedicure on Friday after work and of course I went sparkly :)

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  1. ouch! that burn looks like it hurt! but looks like you guys had a blast! love your ears!!

  2. Animal Kingdom is such a fun park (and duh, way more fun when you have Minnie ears on) Your bullie is ADORABLE. I kinda want him.

  3. I laid out on Friday/Saturday here for a couple hours and while I didn't get burnt, I got a heat rash! ?!!?!?! That's never happened to me before.

  4. Ohh my gosh. You are adorable.
    Love the Minnie ears!! =D
    Jealous of the nice tub you have.
    That's on my list for when we get a house!
    LOVE that nail color.
    I've never been to Disney. It's kind of awful.