Vegas Baby!

My 1st trip to Las Vegas was in May 2009 and we went back again for the 1st leg of our honeymoon in June 2010. For our 2nd trip there we flew in the day after our wedding and spent a few days there before renting a car and driving to LA to fly to Fiji for the rest of our honeymoon.

2009 Trip

We stayed at the MGM Grand in the West Wing which was really nice. My only complaint was that the bathroom was open to the room. No door.. yep you better be 100% comfortable with your roomie for your stay ;)

We loved the pool area and the lazy river. We spent hours in the river with super expensive drinks and getting sun burnt. The sun there is no joke!

We went to see a Cirque du Soleil show (KA), rode the rollercoaster at New York New York, went to the top of the faux Eiffel Tower at Paris, rode the gondolas at the Venetian, the Titanic exhibit at the Luxor (which has since moved on), the lion habitat in our hotel, and the aquarium at Mandalay Bay. And we still didn't do everything we had wanted to. Craziness!

We also got an all access pass to the nightlife at The Palms. We had VIP access to Ghost Bar, Moon, Rain, and the Playboy Club. Definitely worth it!

2010 Trip

For our 2nd trip, we stayed at The Mirage and since H had "liked" the resort on Facebook before we went they upgraded us to a suite. So, word of advice when going to Vegas (or any resort for that matter!) "like" them on FB and you  may get some freebies :)

This time, we spent the day at the pools and waterfalls at The Mirage. I missed the lazy river, but the pools are really nice at The Mirage. Then we made our way over to Bare Pool where we splurged on a day bed and had unlimited cocktails and food service. That night we went to dinner and were planning on going to Jet that night and even had VIP passes but we never made our way over. All the drinking and fun in the HOT sun during the day really took it out of us. I was bummed, but we had just gotten married 2 days before (which is one of the most exhaustive day of your life!) flew 5 hours, jumped a couple time zones, and spent all day drinking in the sun... we were dunzo! 

Can't wait to go back! We've been twice now and still haven't seen everything we'd like to see, so as much as I like to see new places, I would never mind going back!

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  1. I love your travel posts!

    Vegas is the best, isn't it?


  2. Visting from the link up today :)

    I can`t believe they upgraded you for liking them on FB- thats some seriously great customer service!! It looks like both trips were a blast.

    My Travel Tuesday Post

  3. looks like an absolutely awesome trip- both of them! I have never been :( it's just not fair.

  4. I've only been to Vegas once, but it was so much fun! dying to go back.

    xoxo, Amy @ Interpret As You May

  5. i went in march 2008 and it was too much fun... i was too drunk to go to cirque du soleil or hoover dam. i need go back!