Long weekend in NYC and CT

Yesterday I gave a little preview of our long weekend. We flew in late Wednesday night after working most of the day (not recommended!) and then took the train into the city on Thursday.

Get ready for a photo-dump!

Once we arrived at Grand Central, we took the subway to lower Manhattan and walked around the financial district (H's favorite!) and went to the 9/11 Memorial which is absolutely beautiful!

How do I always end up with such ridiculous photo bombs?! lol *sigh*

After the memorial, we went and had lunch at a burger bar at the W hotel. We made our way upstairs to the Living Room bar on the terrace and then made our way back up to midtown. We had every intention of roof top bar hopping into the evening but we were absolutely exhausted. So, we did a little more shopping and site seeing and went back to Grand Central to catch the train back to CT.

That evening, we enjoyed pizza (this means something when you're from the northeast and used to good pizza and can't find it anywhere outside of CT, NY, or NJ) with H's family.

Friday, I went to go see my hair stylist of over 10 years to get my hair done for the wedding that evening. I went more blonde than I have in almost 5 years! She always does the best highlights and I miss being able to go to her on a regular basis.

Then we went to go get ice cream from hands down the best ice cream place EVER! If you're ever in CT you have got to make a pit stop at Rich Farm in Oxford!

Had to get my cookie monster ice cream fix :-D

Then we went back and got ready for my cousin's wedding that evening. And in true CT fashion... we hit a bunch of traffic trying to get there. Luckily, we left early enough to get there just in time.

My little cousin is married! Well.. he's not so little! He's been taller than me for a while now :-P

Then it was time to party!

Saturday, we went out for some lunch and afternoon margs with H's cousin and my brother and his girlfriend. I forgot how much I missed that Mexican place. YUM!

Then, we went to dinner at Plan B Burger Bar (seriously the BEST burgers!) with some of our friends. I got the west coast burger which has fried egg and avocado on it. Mouth watering good! Afterwards, we went out for some drinks and finished off our last night in CT with some of our best friends.

Great weekend with friends and family, but it definitely feels amazing to be back home :)

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  1. Found you on the link up! Looms like a gorgeous wedding, currently craving ice cream and margaritas after seeing your picture though!

  2. I live 20 minutes away from Rich Farm and it's really awful. hahaha. Sometimes my husband and I just go there for dinner! It is the best ice cream I have ever had, hands down. Looove your NYC pictures. What a crazy photo bomb. lmao!

  3. this looks like a blast! and I LOVE her wedding dress and your hair of course!

  4. The photo bomb is hilarious!! Haha I'm getting excited to visit NYC in June!! The 9/11 Memorial is definitely on our list as a must see. Glad you had a great trip to CT and fun with friends and family!

  5. AHH i looks you had so much fun! I want that ice cream...STAT!!

    The wedding looked gorgeous! I am glad you guys had so much fun! I wanna go to NYC so bad, i really need to get there asap!

  6. Your hair looks awesome! I also love her wedding dress. I need to get to New York to see the 9/11 memorial - it looks so beautiful.

  7. Love Plan B. I am so tired of CT traffic. I don't understand how there can be traffic at 12:30pm on a Tuesday on 95, but I have found it numerous times. AND CT does have some of the best pizza!