Colorful Living Room

The living room was an on-going project. Just a few months ago it was a complete blank canvas and when I say blank I mean blank! Nothing on the walls, no curtains, and no furniture. We slowly started to work on the room... we got a palm to go in the corner, then we got curtains, then we got the big clock, and last but certainly not least we got some furniture.

The biggest piece of advice I have for new home owners is to take your time filling up your house. It may feel like you have a lot of empty space at first, but before you know it you'll feel like you have too much stuff and you should not go into debt to fill it up. When we moved into our apartment together several years ago we financed a new bed and our couches which was fine for us at the time, but we decided that moving forward we wouldn't buy furniture unless we could pay for it in cash (or our checking account) now that we have the necessities.

Since we're never going to even attempt to paint this room, we decided we wanted to make it colorful with how we decorated it. The first item we bought for the room was the wall art from Target which had a pastel palette. We decided to keep the pastel theme going and keep the room light and airy. So, we went with light blue curtains and light green chairs.

~ Curtains and wall art are both from Target

~ Chairs and matching ottomans are from Overstock

~ Table is from Wayfair

~ Vase is from Pottery Barn

~ Palm and planter are from Home Depot

I also just picked up a candle from the Target Threshold collection and it smells amazing and I love that it has the same frosted glass look as the vase from Pottery Barn.

Clock is from Kohls and sconces are from Target

We still have a few more finishing touches such as adding a pillow to each chair and something to go in the corner near the entrance to the dining room. But, other than that, we love that this room is finally complete and has a function. 


  1. It definitely takes time! Especially when you can't find what you'e looking for. I'm STILL trying to complete my gallery wall. And I've just decided how I want to finish my office.

  2. I wish I had a house to decorate and furnish haha. I look forward to being able to do it someday. it looks great.