Travel Tuesday ~ Puerto Rico

Out of all the cruise itineraries for the Caribbean, our favorite hands down was the Southern Caribbean. Since we had to fly into Puerto Rico to take the cruise out of San Juan we flew in a day early and stayed at the Caribe Hilton.

My absolute FAVORITE story to tell EVER comes from our stay at the Caribe Hilton..... but we'll get to that a little further below ;0)

We had an early flight so we could get to our resort by noon time and enjoy lunch by the water and the pool area before heading into town for dinner. We loved the resort, which had an open air lobby and check-in area complete with parrots that said "Hola!" The pool area was beautiful with a swim up bar, day beds, and hammocks.

It was November and we were still living in CT so we welcomed the warm weather and swimming with open arms. 

We spent the afternoon at the pool and swim up bar and ended up making friends with another couple at the pool. Now here comes my favorite story to tell ever! We all hung out and had drinks together and made plans to go to dinner together. So, H and I went up to our room and got ready for dinner and came back down and waited in the lobby to meet up with our new friends and grab a cab. Well only the guy showed up (which didn't surprise me because his girlfriend was pretty drunk by the time we left to go up and get ready for dinner while she chose to stay at the swim up bar and continue doing shots) and I asked where his girlfriend was (don't remember their names anymore) and he said she was up in the room passed out and had been sick. I felt bad and said maybe we'd all catch up the next morning before H and I left for the cruise port. He just shook it off and said, "So where are we going for dinner?" We were taken aback a little because we didn't expect him to leave his sick girlfriend alone in a hotel room and go to dinner by himself with strangers with no way of her being able to get ahold of him if she needed to. But he was dead serious and we all went outside to get a cab to go into town. H and I exchanged looks of "I can't believe he's leaving her up there and coming out with us!" And out we went... we went to Senor Frogs and got some food and yard drinks and when we left, H and I thought we'd head back so the guy could get back to his girlfriend. But he was ready to keep going so we walked around Old San Juan and even came across a festival and did some more bar hopping. We got back to the hotel a few hours later and H and I went back to our room to get some rest before leaving for our cruise the next day. 

The next morning we went down for breakfast and saw them sitting outside the Starbucks having coffee (and she looked like she had had a rough night.. poor thing!) we waved and said hi and he said hi back, but she did not look happy. I wouldn't have been happy either if I was her! But H and I will always remember bar hopping in San Juan with 1/2 of the couple we met at the pool.

... and believe it or not this story continues a little when I post about the cruise itself even though the couple wasn't on the cruise. Crazy I know!

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  1. ok don't be mad at me but...if michael was sick i would probably still go out! haha. looks soooo pretty!

  2. That's a funny story! Cruises are the best...I'd like to do the Southern Caribbean cruise one of these days! Looks like you guys had a great time :-)

  3. A Southern Caribbean cruise sounds so wonderful! I've always wanted to go! =) Brooke

  4. I would not have been happy either is I were her, haha! Then again, I wouldn`t be happy if my bf got so smashed we had to stay in all night, so maybe I would have gone out too ;)

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  5. That hotel looks beautiful! Sigh - I think I need to go to the tropics ASAP! :) That's too funny about boyfriend guy! XOXO