Southern Caribbean Cruise ~ Travel Tuesday

Last week I talked about when we stayed in Puerto Rico before our Southern Caribbean cruise out of San Juan on Royal Carribean's Adventure of the Seas. Hands down this was our favorite cruise we've been on. Amazing itinerary and beautiful ship!

~ Exploring the ship on our 1st day

~ Our balcony stateroom (1st time I sailed in a balcony cabin and the saying is definitely true.. once you go balcony you can never go back to an inside room!) Worth every single penny!

~ The beautiful Vivaldi dining room we went to dinner at every night

~ H loungin' by the pool

~ Dressed up to go to dinner our 1st night

~ Enjoying Johnny Rockets at sea

~ My sunburn after our 1st day at sea, I did not practice safe sun back then *foolish*

~ One of our many beloved towel animals we got every night at turndown service

~ Pre-dinner drinks at the Champagne Bar

Now, remember I mentioned that my story of our friends from San Juan wasn't finished even though they didn't go on the cruise? Well, we bumped into 3 brothers on the cruise (not the 3 brothers from the Deathly Hallows lol) who we recognized from the resort in San Juan. We all hung out one afternoon and enjoyed drinks by the pool and some rounds of shots together. We told them about our adventures in San Juan with 1/2 of a couple from the pool and they admitted it was their fault that the girl was sick and couldn't come out. They said after we left the pool area to get ready for dinner that they were feeding her Jager shots and she was all about it but eventually threw up in the pool YUCKKKKK! So, for the rest of the cruise whenever we bumped into any of the brothers we yelled out "Jager bombers!!" 

~ Pre-dinner drinks at the sports bar

~ Breaking it down on Deck 3

~ Dancing under the stars party up on the pool deck... so much fun!

~ Late night shenanigans

~ Formal Night

~ H on board before we left the port of Dominica

~ Our wonderful servers

~ They decorated the ship beautifully for the holidays

~ Pouting because we didn't want to disembark and go home

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  1. Looks like your cruise was a lot of fun. I'd go again, just with different company than my first cruise (hello crappy ex-bf ha). Ahhh what I wouldn't do for warm weather right now though!

  2. Ohhh my gosh. Everything looks so nice!! Makes me want to go on vacation!
    Looove all the pictures! Looks like it was so much fun! =)

  3. That looks like you guys had the most fun on that cruise. Awesome photos. I like how they made something out of the towel. Is it an animal like a swan?

    Bonnie Rose | a Compass Rose

  4. Ahhh I've never been on a cruise before! This makes me want to go even more!

  5. You`re making me want to go on a cruise again SO badly. To get dressed up, have fancy drinks and nice meals, and just making chilling out my job ;)

    My Travel Tuesday Post

  6. These Tuesday posts of yours are making me jealous!!