Animal Kingdom

Since we took advantage of the FL resident deal to hit up 4 parks for less than the price to go to 2, we decided we are going to head out to Animal Kingdom this weekend and I could not be more excited! Of course I totally plan on wearing my sparkly mouse ears... when in Rome Disney....

I'm beyond excited for it all! Seeing the tree of life, riding Expedition Everest, going on a safari, and of course seeing all the exotic animals! 

I'm so glad it'll be much warmer than when we went to Magic Kingdom last month. That was unreal! I never thought I'd go to Disney World and be freezing while wearing a hoodie and drinking hot cocoa. Crazy!

What were your favorite parts of Animal Kingdom? Any must-sees/dos?


  1. Oh, have fun! I've never been but always wanted to go to Animal Kingdom! I just nominated you for "Five Truths" in my blog!


  2. ahhhh so jealous!! I want to go so bad!!

  3. I love anything that has to do with Disney, LOL :)
    HELLO, we live in FL, how can we not? ;)

  4. I totally miss the residency deal, it cost us a fortune when we go now because we are out of state. Have fun.