Weekend Travel Shenanigans

What a whirlwind weekend! H and I flew up north for my cousin's wedding in CT, but we flew in early so we could also spend some time in the city (that's NYC for those of you whose lingo doesn't include "the city" lol).

I promise to do more of a photo dump in tomorrow's post, but for now I'll leave you with a preview:

~ We visited the 9/11 Memorial (beautiful!)

~ All the pretty tulips throughout the city

~ Pretty skyline as we walked from the subway to Times Square

~ Got my hair did by my stylist of over 10 years (LOVE having an excuse to see her!)

~ BEST ice cream EVER! 

~ My cousin got hitched!

~ Beautiful cake

~ Cousins pic

~ We spent Saturday evening with some of our CT peeps

Now off to do all the fun stuff after returning from a trip.. you know... unpacking, laundry, grocery shopping, a much-needed shower, and the list goes on :-P

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  1. I rushed straight to my shower yesterday!! There is something about your own shower that just makes you feel so much better haha! I am sorry we couldn't meet up but we will prob be in orlando this summer and we will DEF meet up!! :)

  2. I am loving your hair!! so pretty!

  3. Love wedding trips! Where in CT did they get married? My boyfriend's sister is getting married in downtown Hartford in 2 months!

  4. That was a great little preview :)

  5. You got a beautiful weekend up here, although it was a bit cold! It was at least sunny! That cake is beautiful too.