Sephora Deliveries Make Me Happy

I get just a little too excited when I get home and there's a Sephora box full of goodies waiting for me :)

I cashed in my $20 VIB reward and picked up some of the items my makeup artist used on me when I had my complimentary makeup session before our Christmas party last weekend.

I picked up the mascara primer (seriously had no clue that mascara primer even existed until my makeup session) that the makeup artist used on me. I couldn't believe how much it improved my lash length and fullness. It seriously looked like I was wearing false eyelashes. LOVE! 

Tarte MultiplEYE Natural Lash Enhancing Primer

I also ordered the finishing powder she used on me which was gorgeous. It gave my face a nice glow without being shiny, plus it mattifies the skin which I definitely need.

HD Microfinish Powder

I also decided to try out a new bronzer so I picked out Sephora's bronzer and highlighter duo:

Microsmooth Baked Bronzer Duo

Of course, I also picked up some freebies since samples are always included and there's always some kind of promotion going on. I decided on samples of Viva La Juicy, Clinique Happy, Hope in a Jar, and Murad Rapid Collagen Infusion. 


  1. someday I'll have someone show me how to put makeup on. Right now I only wear eyeliner and mascara, so I don't buy makeup very often.

  2. Loove all that you got!! I was introduced to primer by a makeup artist too and use it all the time! :)

  3. I agree the Sephora box always makes me smile - now I want to try the eyelash primer.

  4. Sephora goodies are THE BEST goodies :) I love mascara primer when I'm trying to do extra big, long, defined lashes! I'm going to check out that finishing powder, too!

  5. i need to jump on the mascara primer train. I've never used it before either and i think i need to!! You're right...i didnt know it existed either until I've had makeup done! So much primer there is in the makeup world...face eyes mascara..what's next!

    sephora is a daaaaangerous place! i spend so much cash money there haha