Twas the last day of work before Christmas

Twas the last day of work before a week off for Christmas and the office worker was stirring at her desk dreaming of no alarm clock and endless glasses of champagne and spiked egg nog. Yep... sorry I wasn't creative enough to rhyme. What's going to rhyme with champagne or egg nog? Exactly...

Such an amazing feeling to know that I won't have to be back at work again until the 30th and even that will be a short week. Love working for a company that gives us plenty of time off this time of year.

Looking forward to celebrating Emily's birthday tomorrow night and a wine and wrapping party at my neighbor's on Sunday. At last year's wrapping we wrapped a ton of gifts, drank too much wine, and had a great time especially when so much wine was drank my friend signed a gift to her nephew as: From Uncle Jenn


Looking forward to a week of sleeping in and the only thing I need to worry about is how much champagne to put in my mimosa on Christmas or which movie to go see.

And last but certainly not least... yesterday, I came home to these adorable ornaments in the mail from Jill who was my swap partner in Meg's ornament swap this year. I love that she included some chocolates too... YUM!

Happy Friday!


  1. The Unlce Jen thing still cracks me up a year later and now that I've met her I'm not surprised haha. It's great you and your neighbors make time to do fun stuff together especially around the holidays!!

  2. Oh my gosh you just made me SO excited for all the Christmas food. SO SO SO excited.

  3. Lol to "Uncle Jen!"

    Enjoy your time off! :)