What I did on Christmas Vacation...

Why does time fly so fast when you're on vacay? I know it flies when I'm actually traveling somewhere, but even when I have a whole week off to do what I please at home instead of running through airports  it goes by in a blink of an eye.

I wasn't around much here in blogland last week as I was trying to soak up time with family and friends over the holiday week, and I enjoyed every second of it and was reminded over and over again how over the top blessed we are. I know Thanksgiving was last month, but I am eternally thankful for every blessing in my life. Ok sappy stuff over... now onto the photo dump...

I kicked off my Christmas staycation (soooo thankful we weren't running through airports and doing the tour of Connecticut this Christmas. Although I do miss our friends and family up there and they all received packages of goodies in the mail!) last weekend celebrating dancing on tables for Emily's b-day and a wine and wrapping party at my neighbor's.

On Christmas Eve-Eve, H and I took Roxy to go see some Christmas lights and she was so excited that it took her almost 2 hours to stop panting after we got back. Gotta love bulldogs.

On Christmas Eve, H's parents came over and we skyped with his sister and her husband up in CT to open presents.

I was spoiled by my "sis" and got my first Diamond Candle :)

Afterwards, we went out to dinner with H's parents and then went back to their house to play a game before heading back home to go to our neighbor's to sit by the fire pit.

~ Our neighbor's adorable pupper Apollo

~ Skyping with bro and sis-in-law

~ H opening his new Sega console... taking it old school! It has 80 built in original games and he can also play his games on it from the original Sega.

~ H and one of our neighbors waiting for Santa by the fire pit

~ Nothing like sitting by the fire on Christmas Eve

Christmas day, we enjoyed some breakfast casserole and lots of mimosas while we opened stockings and our gifts to each other before skyping with my family to open gifts. Afterwards, H's parents came over to open gifts and have Christmas dinner.

Champs is always a good idea 

Love being outside this time of year (yes I wore my antlers all day)

~ Gingerbread coffee from Dunkin on Christmas morning

~ Countdown finally reached 0

~ H finally got his sound bar and subwoofer

~ Beautiful Kate Spade presents from H

~ Skyping with my family back up in CT to open gifts

~ Little bro enjoying his cheesehead hat

~ Santa Paws came for Roxy

~ Our new ornaments to each other on the tree

~ Beautiful Lennox ornament from my aunt

~ Gorgeous mint earrings from H which I hinted very strongly at (can be found here on Etsy)

~ Dessert and games on the patio after dinner

Most of my Christmas goodies... my favs are my gifts from Kate Spade, Viva La Juicy Noir, the beautiful earrings from H, and the camera from my parents.

Also love all the Christmas cards we received this year... so much love from friends, family, and other bloggers :)

The day after Christmas, we had a day date and went to go see Saving Mr. Banks, have lunch, and do some shopping.

Hope everyone had an amazing Christmas!


  1. how was saving mr banks?! I want to see it so bad! Looks like you had a great great christmas!!

  2. Love looking at Christmas lights! It really puts you in the Christmas spirit! Looks like you had a fab Christmas :) Thanks for joining our linkup xo I am hosting a weekend recap with another blogger, would love for you to be a part of it

    Showered With Design

  3. Looked like a great Christmas! And yay for Kate Spade goodies! ;)