Cheers to 2013

Happy New Years Eve! You can also find me over at Emily's blog today while she is ringing in the new year in Trinidad & Tobago.... jealous!

2013 was definitely good to me, but also very hard. I lost a few loved ones very suddenly, but celebrated some big birthdays and went on some amazing trips.

It definitely went by in a flash

Get ready for an epic photo dump....


1. Rang in 2013 at not 1 but 2 parties... yep this year we're only sticking to 1
2. With the girls at party #1
3. Beach day enjoying the 80 degree weather in January
4. My 2nd of 3 run ins with Hedo Turkoglu... if you're ever in Orlando you'll most likely run into him
5. My first time at the driving range
6. H working on his form
7. Downtown pub crawl with friends
8. Star Wars exhibit at the science center sponsored by H's work (hey they had open bar!)
9. With Emily at a dive bar after the Star Wars exhibit


February was a quiet month, but we went to a car show and I got to pose outside the "Dumb and Dumber" car and "drive" a Marine truck, we fire pitted it up with friends, and took Roxy to go see the manatees at the springs.


In March, we went to Magic game VIP style, went to Magic Kingdom, celebrated a friend's new engagement, mourned the loss of my grandmother with yet another trip to CT, and went to our friend's St. Patrick's Day party. Can you spot the photo bomb?


We went to Disney's Animal Kingdom... my fav of the 4 parks :)

And we flew back up to CT for my cousin's wedding and a day trip into the city (NYC). We also celebrated our friend's housewarming and the opening of the newest Ale House. 


In May, we watched our pool be built and finished, went to Punta Cana, spent a day at Hollywood Studios, I went to brunch with the girls at a place that featured bottomless mimosas *yes please*, and celebrated H's 30th birthday

May was a fantastic month :-D


June started off great... we were heading into a summer full of fun and kicked it off with another trip to Magic Kingdom, pool parties, BBQ's, plus I even found out amazing news that I landed a new job, and then it happened.... the worst pain I have ever experienced in my life. Several months later, I still just can't comprehend what happened and put into words how I feel. Losing my cousin is hands down the most devastating thing that has happened to me and right after losing both of my grandparents I just was in a fog and the trips to CT were getting more and more frequent.

But you have to move on no matter how much it hurts, and H and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary as best we could the day after I flew back from her funeral in CT. I cannot believe that I buried my cousin 3 years to the day that she was rehearsing at our Rehearsal Dinner for the wedding. Speechless... however the daily weepiness did become further and farther between with time and I tried to get on with our packed summer schedule.


We celebrated the 4th of July with friends, went to go see fireworks, I went blonder than I had in years, painted our stairs myself, went to a baseball game with some of our neighbors, and went to my first ever charity gala.


Margarita fest downtown with friends

Rang in my 30th b-day with great friends

Went to Miami for the weekend with friends and caught a Rockies-Marlins game


We celebrated Labor Day weekend by renting some beach condos with friends in St. Pete... so much fun! 

Celebrated K's b-day

I met Teresa from RHONJ

Celebrated our friend Sean's b-day at a local resort with an amazing pool area


Corn maze, pumpkin picking, haunted houses, and a day at the beach with Emily and K


Florida-Georgia game in Jacksonville

Bahamas cruise with 4 other couples to celebrate a friend's 30th b-day

Our friends threw a holiday-kickoff party the week after we got back from the cruise


Our 2nd annual Christmas Party at the house 

Celebrated Emily's 30th b-day by dancing on tables and belly dancing

2013 had some really low points, but I was surrounded by lots of amazing family and friends that helped me get through the rough times. Plus, we got to travel a lot (minus the impromptu trips to CT) and that is definitely my favorite hobby. 

Cheers to an even better 2014 with more traveling and memories with friends and family.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy new year!


  1. Despite your hard and unfortunate times, it still looks like you managed to have a really great year! I am so jealous of so many of your fun times (and your ability to actually document them!). How was Teresa?!? Like she is on the show??

  2. wow!! your year was jam packed!!!! cannot see what 2013 holds for you!

  3. Happy New Year! I hope 2014 is even more rocking for you :)

  4. Definitely a year of ups and downs! But overall, it looks like you had a wonderful year. :) I'm sure 2014 will be fabulous!

  5. I want to become more like you in being the best to photograph everything! I love your pictures & it's so nice to be able to flip back through and see all of the great things you did! Here's to a wonderful 2014 (when we finally get to meet maybe?!)

  6. great post! looked like you had a fabulous year!

  7. Looks like you had a wonderful year, despite some hardships :( Sorry for your losses.
    I need to start photographing everything more.
    xo Would love for you to join in for the Inspire Me 2014 Blog Challenge!
    Showered With Design