Decking the Halls

I think it's been pretty obvious around these parts lately that I love to deck the halls this time of year.... decorating for Christmas is the only good fuzzy feeling that compares to being on the beach with a margarita.

~ I wrapped gold ribbon around the lighted garland going up the staircase this year... not an easy task. 

~ Festive pillow I picked up at Target

~ Even though it scares me to go into Walmart, I found myself in there the other day and was impressed at how well their 3 wick candles stack up to the ones at Bath & Body Works

Our house is exploding with nutcrackers and penguins, and I moved our blue and silver decor from our 1st Christmas together up to the game room after switching over to a red and gold theme.

~ I made my own garland to hang up around the door since I felt it looked nekked.... another not so easy task, but worth it... and yes that's another nutcracker in the corner.

~ Dining room table with yet even more nutcrackers

~ My fav decor item picked up at Old Time Pottery was my snowman countdown thing-a-ma-jig

~ Christmas tree and stockings hung with care

~ Nativity scene I picked up at Home Depot last year after Christmas for only $10

~ Little throw pillows from the Target dollar bins

~ My pitiful gingerbread house

I wanted to get a "before the Christmas tree" shot and got the most adorable little photo bomber caught on camera.

Joining AshleyAllisonJordon, and Jessica for a fun Christmas decor link up.


  1. I love that Target pillow every time I see it! :) So cute!

  2. You have a fabulous Nutcracker collection, lady! I need that pillow as well!!

  3. EEEEEK SO decorative :) Love how much you get into the spirit...even more than me :)

  4. Love all your Christmas decor!! I didn't notice a lot of the stuff at your holiday party like the nativity scene etc. I have a tree, 2 stockings and outdoor lights. That's about it. It's always a toss up whether to buy more stuff when we don't spend Christmas at our house but I plan to collect some new stuff every year to add to the collection.

  5. Love it! I agree there is nothing like the cozy amazing feeling of a house decorated for christmas <3

  6. I have got to get my hands on that pillow!! It is so cute!!

    love all the decor & thanks for linking up!

  7. I STILL need to get a nativity set. But I love the Willow Tree one, but can't justify spending that much. lol

  8. I love the snowman holding the "countdown"! Presh! Thanks for linking up :)

  9. LOVE that pillow! I've never seen such a cute Christmas pillow!