Dear Santa.....

I've been a good girl for the most part and am hoping there will be lots of goodies waiting for me under the tree this year :)

2013 Christmas Wish List

How amazing would it be to finally get my hands on a HANAair Professional Hair Dryer?  I've only heard amazing things about this dryer and with my mop of hair it would be perfect! I need some HANAair in my life.

Who doesn't love Sheldon? Or Penny? The Big Bang Theory trivia game would be perfect for game nights at our house.

We all know Lisa (and Giggy!) is my favorite on RHOBH, but who doesn't love the brutally honest one liners from Brandi? Girlfriend has been through the ringer, and doesn't sugarcoat anything. Her book has great reviews, and I can't wait to not be able to put it down.

I reviewed this perfume back when it was first released last summer after testing it out at Sephora and I've been refraining from buying my own bottle holding out for Christmas.

Considering, I'm obsessed with my original Naked palette and Naked2, it's only fair that I want Naked3 as well. 


Tervis Tumbler  with a lid for lazy days by the pool or the beach

It's no secret that I'm a dunce at trying to curl my own hair. I'm hoping a curling wand will help since it won't leave the dreaded clamp mark.

I ruined my pretty pink camera last year at the beach by getting sand in it, and have been using my trusty iPhone to take pictures ever since... yes even on vacay *gasp*. I like this camera because it's decently priced and includes 16 megapixels (my last camera was a dinosaur with only 7) and is rated very well.

 Who doesn't need some good tunes to listen to while driving? Beyond sick of the same 10 songs overplayed on the radio... just please STOP it already!

A nice bath pillow to enjoy baths in our soaking tub.

What are you hoping Santa brings you?


  1. Christmas is coming, the latest michael kors bag here, good price quality, introduced to everyone

  2. I need to figure out how to curl my hair's been a lost cause for me even with the hair wand. Did you ever try those hair rollers?

  3. These are some fun ideas! I want Naked3 also!!! I could go for a new camera, too! Hope Santa is good to you this year ;)

  4. I want a curling wand too, but I'm nervous I'd burn myself!

  5. YESSS to Brandi's book! It has AMAZING reviews and I want it so dang bad. Let me know if you get it and how it was! And yes to basically your entire list, I should send my family to your blog to get ideas ;)

  6. Love all these things!! I asked for a curling iron too! One that twirls on it's own because I succkk at curling my hair! =D

  7. I know Santa is bringing me a scarf and slippers and beautiful leather gloves. AND of course a king size bed. I do nothing to my hair ever. Please let me know if the wand is good.

  8. OMG I love it all...well except for Brandi's book (You know i hate her lol) I want that Hanna Dryer, why must it be SOOOOO expensive! Don't even get me started on my love for Juicy perfume!

    Great list sister!
    PS I didn't know you like Big Bang? I LOVE IT! I have seasons 1-3 on DVD!!

  9. Hopefully I'll have my hands on the naked 3 palette tonight, but I do want that hana hair drier as well. I totally recommend trying out the curling wand nothing else has even worked on my hair. Hope you get all your wish list items!!

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  11. A bath pillow is such a good idea! I'm adding that to my list now.


  12. There is a Big Bang Theory game?? Omg I need to add this to my list.

  13. Great list! I've heard good things about the Viva La Juicy and I want to get my hands on a Naked Palate as well!