Post Christmas Shopping

There's just something depressing in the air after Christmas is over. There's so much build up to the big day... all the shopping, baking, wrapping, decorating, etc... and when it's all over you're left wondering how it went by so fast. But, thankfully there are after Christmas sales and New Years Eve to look forward to. Hopefully I didn't just panic a bunch of you for not finding a sparkly dress to ring in 2014 yet.... don't worry there's still time!

The day after Christmas, H and I went to go see Saving Mr. Banks (great flick if you're looking for something to go see and of course now I'm full steam ahead looking into annual Disney passes) and then grabbed some lunch and did some shopping. We stopped in The Gap and at Pottery Barn and were amazed by the sales going on at The Gap.

I picked up this 4 in 1 dress for only $11 marked down from $60. Most of their items are already on clearance and then you can take another 40%-50% off. 

I used a gift card from my aunt and uncle and picked up some items at Pottery Barn. How pretty is that snowflake candle?! Only $6 on sale ;-)

Of course, my favorite item was the bulldog wine stopper... adorable!

Today, I headed over to my happy place - Target and was disappointed at how much of the Christmas stuff was already gone, but was able to pick up plenty of items at 50% off. 

Love these festive shot glasses marked down to only $3! I plan on gifting them along with a bottle of liquor as a hostess gift for our friend's NYE party we're going to.

And of course the VS Semi-Annual sale is in full swing, which I'm sure I'll be causing some damage there as well 0:-)

What post-Christmas deals did you take advantage of?


  1. Gorgeous finds!!


  2. Ooh! Loving that Pottery Barn candle set!

  3. LOVE the Gap dress. I may have to go to our Gap and see if they have any there. I went out and got some Gel Polish on sale because they were "holiday" colors but I like red and sparkles and think they can e used all year! I avoided the dark greens.

  4. Great finds! Can you shop for me? I'm excited about the VS sale too!!

  5. Ahhh - Florida winters look really good when you can get a strapless dress in December. You did very well at the post Christmas sales though - the bottle stopper is so cute!

  6. Ahh! The VS sale is already started?! I thought it was in January! lol Love all of the deals that you found. It is refreshing to see a blogger not posting things that are way out of my price range ;)

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