Weekend in Pics

Remember how I said I was looking forward to a not so hectic weekend on Friday ? Welp.. I was wrong...

Friday, I went to a Miche bag party and I wore my new top from VS with some shorts. Yes! It still feels like summer here. It started to cool down a little over the weekend, but it's definitely still way too hot for boots or scarves.

Saturday, I broke out my new sandals (also from VS) and paired them with my flowy white top from Express and a skirt also from Express that's a few years old for neighborhood party central. We had a b-day party in the front of the development, and then a football party in the back. I wore my bathing suit underneath since there was a hot tub at the b-day party :-D

So summery yet it's the end of October :-P

I have a feeling this will be changing soon. It's starting to be chillier in the mornings and at night.

All the pretty bags and shells at the Miche party

1. Slenderita at lunch Saturday afternoon YUM!

2. New artwork (Target had a sale) for the living room (finally starting to work on that room)

3. New doggy frame, now just needs to be filled with a pic of Roxy

4. Buy one get one free Skinny Girl Sangria SCORE! 

5. A house divided.. she's a 'noles fan and he's a Hurricanes fan

6. Our silly neighbor was bi-partisan that night

Sunday, I was a busy bee in the kitchen... I made french toast for breakfast, my Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes , and a pot of sauce. 

We brought a bottle of the Sangria and a plate of cupcakes over to our wonderful neighbors as a thank you :)

Now, it's time to finish watching the debate.. please oh please someone mention Big Bird! 


  1. Oh I am loving your new layout!!!!!!!!!!
    Pumpkin spice cupcakes...ohmy sounds DELICIOUS :D

  2. Bogo skinny girls?! Yes, please!!!

    & I looove your new dog frame :):)

  3. love that you make a "pot of sauce" on a Sunday! my mom ALWAYS did that!

  4. Seems like a fabulous weekend! Those cupcakes are so cute. Ahh and BOGO sangria, pretty perfect!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  5. Those cupcakes are so cute and look so yummy! A slenderita...love that!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings