Melissa from Scribble n Dash

Happy Friday! Today, I'd like to introduce Melissa from Scribble n Dash

I've enjoyed getting to know her as one of my newest bloggy friends. I love her blog and her latest addition which is the cutest Etsy shop. Definitely go and check her out! ;)


Hello everyone! My name is Melissa and I blog over at a little place I call Scribble n Dash! I want to first thank Kate for letting me take over her blog while she is away :)

So basically I am going to be introducing myself and my blog today.

Scribble-n-Dash came about earlier this year when I decided that I needed an outlet to share my thoughts & opinions. It quickly grew into a place where I have made tons of connections with some amazing ladies, Kate included!!! I absolutely love blogging, the community, and there is absolutely no end in sight.

I am currently working on writing my first book, hopefully it will be out early 2013.
*fingers crossed*
Between blogging, working, writing & spending time with my family and friends I'm a pretty busy bee.

I blog about...

MY PUPS, Khloe {left} & Mab {right}

My wonderful husband Andrew :)

The rest of my crazy family!

As well as any other random thoughts that enter my head at the time I sit down to write a post.

I would love it if you stopped by my blog sometime & said hello! :)

Again, thank you Kate for letting me take over today!!

I will leave you with this, one of my favorite wedding pics in honor of Kate being away for her sister in law's wedding...

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