Fall Wedding Weekend in Connecticut

Well... hello there! Did ya miss me? Soooo much to catch up on! H and I hopped on a plane (Jet Blue of course!) and flew up to Connecticut for sis-inlaw's wedding. This was the infamous weekend where we missed out on a free cruise from H's work, but we were super excited to fly up and be in his sis's wedding and enjoy all things fall... oh and it was my dad's 60th birthday. Such a big weekend!

But first things first... did you notice anything different around these parts? I FINALLY got my blog re-designed by Brea and I absolutely love it! If you're in need of a blog overhaul definitely go check out her work ;)

Don't forget to grab my button! Yeah... I have one of those now!!! :-P

Secondly.. I'd like to thank the lovely ladies who guest posted for me while I was away. Hope you had a chance to go check them out as well.

Now for picture overload.....

As soon as we started bringing the suitcases down the stairs we had one super depressed doggy. She wouldn't move or give any goodbye kisses. Poor girl! So, as we were boarding I saw the "Jet with your pet" sign, but sadly we can't fly with our girl because she is a push face breed and they're banned from most airlines because they could freak out and not be able to breathe right. So, unless we're traveling by car... no doggy!

First site of foliage as we were descending

H's parents picked us up from the airport, and we went to pick up his tux and then out for some lunch. After that we had a ton of running around to do... we had to run to Stop & Shop so I could pick up a fruit platter and orange juice for the mimosas the next morning, the package store to get champagne for said mimosas, back to the in-laws to put everything in the fridge, then back out to go see my cousin and his fiancee's new house about 1/2 an hour away. Needless to say we were exhausted! We got home after midnight when I needed to be at the salon the next morning by 6:30am. Yipes! 

Didn't get much sleep and neither did the bride! She was super nervous, but nothing some girl time at the salon and mimosas can't fix.

Limo time! We had to toast in plastic cups instead of champagne flutes since the boys had the limo before us and left us with all dirty glasses... stupid boys!!

H and I's entrance into the reception

Bride and Groom Grand Entrance

We had such a great time at the wedding (I danced... A LOT!) and I still can't believe we originally wanted to head all the way up to Shrine at MGM Grand that evening. I was absolute road kill, but we managed to make it out to go on a haunted hayride with some friends which I'm soooo glad we did. 

It was great to do something "fall" in the crisp cool air and it was the perfect night.. not a cloud in the sky and the stars were gorgeous! Plus I got to finally whip out a sweater, scarf, and my oh-so-comfy Uggs :)

Check out the acrobatic ape that went along on one of the hayrides... they did a fantastic job, everything was elaborately done and the hayride lasted almost 45 minutes through the woods.

The next day, we headed up to the resort where H and I got married for my dad's b-day brunch. Neither of us had been to the venue since our wedding day so it was really nice to return. It's still just as beautiful as I remembered and the food is still delish.

I asked my grandmother what it was like to have a 60 year old son 

Afterwards, H and I headed over to a local winery with my bff where we did a tasting and split a bottle of wine. Great afternoon....

I don't miss much from CT other than friends and family, but I sure miss the wineries! So beautiful...

Then we headed back and had a nice relaxing night in and had a game night. We played Yahtzee and had plenty of laughs. Great times before heading back to FL. 

Until next time CT!


  1. Wow sounds like you had such a blast! The foliage looks so pretty and those wineries need to happen in Chicago. You looked gorgeous at the wedding!! Glad you had a blast with your friends & family! Also love the new blog design, already got your button on my sidebar :)!

  2. you know i have NEVER been to a winery in CT ever! i know, i know...i have been missing out.

    you looked fantastic at the wedding! glad you had a great time at home!

  3. Looks like you guys had a great time!! We just love your new blog design too!! We really need to explore more up north. I've been to Cape Cod a few times (one of my BFF's family lives up there) and have been to NYC many times. Only driven through CT though.
    My hubby and I are going to New Orleans in December to celebrate his 30th! He's never been...he's going to love it!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings