Fall Weddings with Nikki from MakeupHER

Today, I have another fabulous guest blogger. I'd love to introduce you to the fabulous Nikki who's one of my bloggy friends that I adore. Definitely go check her out over at makeupHER.

I recently guest posted for her while she was off living it up in Vegas, and now she is returning the favor and is going to talk about her favorite things about weddings and fall *two of my favorite things*.


Hey readers of Green Fashionista!! I am so happy to be guest posting for Kate while she is back home enjoying family. Well for starters, my name is Nikki and I blog over at makeupHER. I am a twenty-something medical assisting student from the beautiful city of Chicago. 

On my blog I like to keep it nice and random, talking about everything from beauty, makeup, hair, fashion, my love life {or lack thereof}, and life in general. 

Since the beautiful Kate is going back to CT for a wedding and it's my favorite time of year, Fall, I decided to do a little bit of both in this post. I just got back from the east coast from a big family wedding of mine and it was such a blast, so I know Kate is going to have a lot of fun. If you want to get a little recap on the wedding fun I had, check out this post HERE. It was a traditional Indian wedding, and it had all the bells and whistles, so check it out. 

Now, since it is Fall and Kate is going to attend a wedding, I decided to head on over to my favorite site Pinterest to look at some beautiful Fall wedding ideas! 

  Source: pogotown.com via Susan on Pinterest

Source: google.com via Erin on Pinterest

Now those are some beautiful ideas for any Fall wedding! Another thing I absolutely love about Fall is most definitely the fashion!! I long for the days I can wear my boots, scarves and over-sized sweaters. Also, throw in a delish PSL {Pumpkin Spice Latte} with that cozy outfit and your ready for some pumpkin picking! Here are some of my favorite looks for the Fall.

Now if only these lovely items ended up in my closet! Well I hope you had fun reading and Kate have a blast visiting your family and enjoying the wonderful east coast Fall!! If you readers want to check out my boards on Pinterest, I promise you won't be disappointed. Also, I love meeting new people/bloggers, so definitely come and say hi sometime!!

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