Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!!! I had a short week, but that doesn't mean it doesn't feel AWESOME that it's Friday already! Busy busy weekend ahead for us here at the Green Fashionista household :)

Don't forget to grab my new button, I'm still in awe of how awesome my new design came out and am pumped that I finally have a button :-D

We're hosting a game night at our place, and I'm whipping up a bunch of goodies for the event.

~ Buffalo Dip

~ Jalepeno Dip (from Tastefully Simple)

~ Pumpkin Dip (which will be served in a carved out pumpkin.. thank you Pinterest!)

~ Halloween shaped sugar cookies

~ Cupcakes

~ Warm spiced wine (combine a bottle of merlot, bottle of cranberry juice, and mulling spices and keep warm in a crockpot.. smells and tastes like the holidays!)

Sunday, we'll be going to see the Chiefs take on the Buccs with another couple. H is a Chiefs fan (poor guy!) so we usually try to go see them when they come to town.

I'm super excited! I haven't been to an NFL game since we lived in Connecticut and we went to see the Chiefs play the Jets at the old Giants Stadium in 2008.

Monday, H and I took the day off from work and will be spending the day with the newlyweds. They took a honeymoon cruise that'll be returning on Sunday and they will be in FL for another week at their timeshare before heading back home. So, we're going to spend the day with them and enjoy the pool at their timeshare, then show them our new house and cook out and just relax. Roxy is so excited to see her Auntie Brandi and new Uncle Gary! :)

Have a safe and happy weekend!


  1. Sounds like you have a fun weekend planned!

    I saw my Giants play the Redskins (hubs team) back in 2009. That's my last nfl game, so I'm jealous you're going this weekend! Of course, my husband goes a few times a year. ;)

    I love the pumpkin and dip idea. I wonder if there's a pumpkin dip? Would that even taste good?

    And how does the spiced wine taste? It's warm when you serve it?

    Sorry for all the questions. ;)


  2. Oh the spiced wine sounds delicious! I'll have to remember that. :)

    I have to say, I have been born and raised in KC and I am not a Chiefs fan. lol Your poor husband is right. The Chiefs fans are definitely loyal, I'll give them that.

  3. Sounds like a fantastic weekend! I love the new look!

  4. Oooo!
    I pinned that pumpkin dip, too! Yummo! :)
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Wahoo for football!