Recent Purchases

H and I have been much better about our spending habits lately and I love how much more we've been able to accomplish around the house. We finally have our dining set, a home office, and our tufted headboard is en route to our house to help snazz up the master bedroom.

I've also made a few other impromptu purchases...

These dinner plates were on clearance for $1.48 each at Target.. oh Target how I love thee..

Speaking of Target... I FINALLY signed up for their debit card. Why on earth hadn't I done that before? 5% off every purchase plus free shipping at what is there not to love? I guess I felt there was some kind of a catch even with the debit card, but there isn't! They draft the money directly from your checking account which is amazingness. Considering I keep that place in business I should have signed up a loooong time ago.

These ultra comfy mint cords from F21 for only $20. I got them before our trip to CT but keep forgetting to post them.

Who doesn't need some pleather leather leggings in their life? Picked up these bad boys as well, and if I like them I'll invest in a real pair next fall. 

My Sephora goodies showed up in the mail today too. I "spun the wheel" last week and got free shipping on a $25 purchase. So, I raided their clearance section and picked up a smokey eye brush, highlighting powder,  mascara, and blotting papers.

So excited to finally be trying out Benefit's They're Real!

Reviews will be coming soon ;)


  1. LOVE those target plates!! oooh tell me more about the target debit card... sounds something I may need??

  2. Ah I love those plates!!! Seriously, Target is just the best place ever.

  3. so excited for the reviews!! love those minty pants. I might have to pick some up!!

  4. I've nominated you for a Liebster/Versatile Blogger award! Come by my blog and check it out :)

  5. Target card = the absolute best!

  6. Those plates = gorgeous. I don't go to target often, but when I do, I inevitably get some plates. They're so cute and pretty!

    Those mint colored pants are so pretty. You look great in them!

  7. I'm loving those plates from target! I seriously need to do that linking my checking acct @ target! I'm there ALL the time! Some great purchases, friend!