Halloween Weekend Friday

Happy Friday! And it's not just any Friday! It's the Friday before Halloween :)

The next several days will be filled with Halloween parties, pumpkin carving, and trick-or-treaters at the doorstep. And let's not forget that "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" will be on Halloween night on ABC :-D

Don't you wish you could go to the Halloween Feast at Hogwarts? Oh wait.. that's only me? *blushes*

H and I haven't dressed up for Halloween since 2009 *gasp* so we're excited to get back out there this year. I was very surprised that he balked at my idea to just re-use a costume from years past and wanted us to buy new ones. 

Halloween costumes of years past:

Hula Girls back from my college days.. super crappy cell phone pic back when cell phones just started having cameras. This was when I had Nextel.. so yeah OLD. We froze that night! All we had on were coconuts, bathing suit bottoms, grass skirts, and leis IN CONNECTICUT! But we were so cute and even got on stage and danced for a best costume contest. We didn't win :(

My 1st Halloween with H when we were dating. We went as mobsters.. look I'm still blonde! 

The pirates of 2009

Miss my CT crew

My favorite part about this year's costume is what H will be wearing.. stay tuned!

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