Hair & Home Improvements

I hope everyone had a great weekend.. ours was nice and quiet but we also got a lot done around the house. 

Friday, we went to dinner with 2 other couples from our neighborhood. 

Wine was enjoyed by all :)

Saturday morning, I went to go get my hair done while H went with the guys to go pick up some furniture. We purchased a new dining set, but we won't be able to go pick it up until Tuesday (boooo!) since it needs to be shipped in to the store. I'm so excited to finally have a formal dining room and can't wait to move our kitchen table we always had at our apartments into the kitchen nook. 

It's amazing how much healthier your hair looks after going to get it cut and colored. I love that feeling when you walk out of the salon, and I hate that I can never recreate that look once I wash it next. *sigh*

I decided to go back to dark this time around

But I love that my highlights from last time are still showing through to make it more vibrant. 

After a housewarming party next door, we drove down to IKEA to pick up a new desk for our home office and some other random knick knacks. LOVE that place!

We stopped at a martini place after and enjoyed a yummy martini and beautiful views before heading back home to start on the project that is IKEA furniture.

Today, I headed out real quick to replace my sunglasses that I lost last weekend at the beach. I picked up another pair of Jessica Simpsons (I refer to them as "my Jessica's"). 

They retail for $60 and I got them for $12.99 at Marshalls boo-yah!

Admiring my new shades

Ooh I also picked up this pretty thing to keep me hydrated throughout the day at work. I love that this also donates some of it's proceeds to breast cancer research just like my nail polish I received as a b-day gift recently.

Today, we finished up our IKEA projects and took Roxy for a nice walk.

I picked up these cute polka dot pillows for $12.99 each at IKEA

And H finished putting together our new desk:

Finished product:

I'm so glad to have a desk again. H and my brother broke my desk when we moved into our house last summer and we finally replaced it since H started grad school this fall. I wanted to make sure he has a nice work station to work on papers and to study. Plus, it'll be great for my blogging instead of sitting downstairs on the lap top 0:-)

Our wonderful neighbors also gave us their recliner since they didn't have room for it at their new house so we put it up in the bonus room which is starting to come together nicely. I hate to admit that H beat me for the first time at a round of foosball. * Embarrassed*

And.. as much as I love living in FL I miss out on a lot back in CT. My wonderful sis-in-law had her bridal shower today. I'm so sad I couldn't be there for it, but we'll be there with bells on for the wedding! My mom sent me pics throughout the shower, and this is by far my fav of the bride:

Not looking forward to a full week of work after having a short one last week, but here's to hoping it goes by quick! Our friends are already planning out next weekend :)


  1. I'm so jealous you have an IKEA! And your hair looks great! I'm hoping to go in in a few weeks myself to get it cut. I'm also debating getting red lowlights. I haven't put any color in my hair for a few years so I'm all natural, which is how I like it. But since red washes out….. :)

  2. gotta love marshalls!
    and on top of that, florida has the BEST choice of marshalls, you just don't know how lucky you are!
    i was in orlando and st. pete from last thursday until this past monday. i tried not to go shopping but i couldn't help myself!

    (found your blog via wonderful wednesdays link up at all things alisa! now following!)