It's OK Thursday

Happy Friday Eve! Linkin' up with Amber and Neely for It's OK Thursday.

It's OK that...

~ I'm a wee bit excited about all the nostalgia that is Old Navy commercials lately.. 90210 alums and now Backstreet Boys? Yes please!

~ I'm also a wee bit excited that The Cosby Show is on TV Land

~ I worked out extra this week since we're going to the waterpark with friends on Saturday. 

~ I wish I could have enjoyed some of the buffalo dip I made for H to take to his guys night last night. Yummmmy!

~ My nail guy had to take out the "cheese grater" on my feet at my pedicure last night. I should NOT be waiting that long inbetween pedis. Yipes!

~ I thoroughly enjoyed having PB&J for dinner since I didn't have to cook for H :)

~ I may have majored in Political Science in college, but I'm totally over all the political ad bashing. Things have changed so much since my heart was in it and only for the negative. So sad..

~ I ordered hot curlers because I still can't get the hang of curling my hair with a curling iron :-P

What's OK with you today?


  1. I really need to get to the nail salon too. Sometimes the cheese grater is just what you need. :)
    Can't wait to hear how your experience is with the hot curlers, I've been considering them lately too.
    Newest follower thanks to the link up.

  2. Backstreet Boys? YES PLEASE. Love them.

    And the working out extra because of the waterpark? I'm totally guilty of that.

    Let me know how the hot curlers work. I've never used them!

    Found you through the linkup!