It's OK Thursday

Happy Friday Eve everyone! The weekend is sooooo close yet so far away :-P

Time to link up with Amber and Neely for It's OK Thursday.

It's OK that...

~ We set up the home office as a place for H to work on his school work since he started grad school, but I've been using it more to blog while he's been on my lap top 0:-)

~ I wrote a letter to NBC expressing my disgust of them airing Kris Jenner talking about her breast implants instead of having a moment of silence for the victims of 9/11 like all the other networks. Stay classy NBC!

~ I'm extremely over due for a pedicure and an eyebrow wax (my monthly treat to myself) and I chose coming home to relax and having a movie night with H over going to get them done. Plus I have a super busy schedule through the weekend, so I highly doubt I'll get to go until next week. Ugly feet and bushy eyebrows for the win!

~ I'm super excited for our friend's birthday dinner tonight. Not only do we get to see everyone, but I get to pick up my bottle of wine from the wine party I went to a few weeks ago. Mmmmm wine (in my best Homer Simpson voice).

~ I'm upset that the next big purchase we have to make for the house will be the gutters. Yep... gutters.. not beautiful furniture.. or a pool.. but gutters! Why they weren't standard with the house we'll never know.. every time it rains it looks like a giant water fall off the front of the house :(

~ I'm craving at least one more beach day before it gets too chilly 

~ I'm biting my nails every time my Yanks lose a game.. it's almost playoff time boys! Pick it up!

What's OK in your life today?


  1. I agree that what NBC did was ridiculous. But I really can't stand the Kardashian's in general, I never have. So the fact that it was one of them makes me even more mad. You know they're going to pay for it somehow.

  2. hopefully you'll be able to squeeze in a relaxing pedicure soon!

    happy thursday!

    xoxo, sarah grace

  3. Hi there, here from the link up!

    I HATE buying un-fun things for our house. We just bought it in January and it feels like half our purchases have been things we need, not things we want...and it's no fun! Pout.

    Also - high five to you for your letter to NBC. Ridiculous.

  4. Love that you wrote a letter to NBC- that's awesome. And something I'd totally do.

    I'm with you....I'm WAY overdue for some waxing and pedicuring- I think I'm going to make some time for THAT this weekend :)

    Happy almost Friday!