Shine No More!

If you're anything like me your face is as shiny as a disco ball halfway through the day. Now that I live in Florida, the heat and the humidity literally melt the makeup right off my face. I've tried everything... different primers, reapplication of powder, and by the end of the day I would still be a shiny hot mess :-P

But I finally have found the products that fight back against the Florida melting pot!

Sephora Anti Shine Primer for my whole face

UD Primer Potion for my eyes

Benefit POREfessional to minimize my pores

I use the POREfessional in the spots where my pores are ginormous really visible then I apply the anti shine primer to the rest of my face. I then apply the primer potion to my eyelids for my eye makeup which is seriously the BEST invention ever for makeup. This stuff works better than any other product I've ever tried HANDS DOWN. My eye makeup stays put all day long into the night. 

If I'm going out at night, I also apply a setting spray to help my makeup stay put even longer.

Victorias Secret Face Prime Spray which can be used as a primer or a setting spray.

I know UD gets a lot of hype (and they definitely deserve it for their amazing Naked Palettes and their primer potion) but I have to say the VS Face Prime takes the cake here. I find my makeup staying put much longer with the VS spray. I find my makeup not only staying put, but my face isn't shiny. Perfect for a fun night out dropping it like it's hot dancing with friends. 

And last but certainly not least... when I want to just forget about all the other stuff and go more au natural... 

I use Maybelline's BB cream which has SPF 30 built right in! Perfect for a day at the pool or the beach where you don't want to wear a lot of makeup but want to cover up some facial imperfections and still get some SPF coverage as well. 

How do you beat the shine?

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  1. i got a POREfessional sample last week with a benefit purchase and i am in love...kept my makeup looking fresh through an entire wedding of drinking and dancing!